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Picture of website designer and developer, Luke Frost
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About Me

Hello, my name is Luke and I was born in Zimbabwe, Africa. I moved to America when I was 12 and have since developed a love for web design, technology, and Oreo's.​

I've been building websites since 2014 and now, as a certified Wix Partner, I use those skills for real-world businesses, people, and organizations from all around the world. Please visit my about me page for more.

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Years of Experience


Countries Served


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Website Design Services


Do you need some more advanced features for your site like onlin booking, an eCommerce store, hotel reservations, or more? No need to look any further, this is the best option for you!


This is for anyone who just needs a basic website to tell people about how amazing their business is (without sounding tacky, of course). Includes homepage, contact, about, testimonials, and more!


Already have a website but it's been a few years since the last face-lift? Great! That site provides a model to work off and makes my job a little easier. I'd be happy to take it to the next level!

Bells & Whistles

Already have a great site and just need some extra functionality added to it? Awesome! I'd love to upgrade your site and make it work hard. After all, you paid for it so it might as well make your job easier.


Don't worry, I know finding the right designer for your site can be daunting, I've been there. Contacting me doesn't mean you have to hire me. I'd be happy to help ease your mind and if I'm not the right designer for you, I'll recommend another.

Past Projects

What Clients Say

"Easy to Work With"

"There were a few challenges to this project, but luke was amazing at creating workarounds and giving me options that would better the flow of my site. Luke is really easy to work with and his communication is superb."

"Fair Rates"

"Luke was excellent. He communicated very well, had fair rates, and did a great job on the project. We look forward to working with him again!"


"Thoughtful and incredibly thorough, even recorded videos showing me what he was workin on [...] We have a killer website, customers love it, our business can grow and expand now. People complement us all the time."

Regina - designs

Robert - Plant Revolution

Cory - Lakeside Trading

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